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Bonsai Grafting Knife (KANESHIN) - right hand - No.70A

250 g (*Includes packing materials.) Check Shipping Methods and Delivery Charges
8,500 YEN ( Approx 53.85 USD)

This is a bonsai grafting knife.

Total length  : 200mm,
Blade length : 75mm
Width           :  30mm
Material        :  Blue steel

(Concave processing)
"Concave processing" is a technique used to make the back of the blade slightly concave, improving its sharpness.
This working knife No.7401 , 7402 ,7403 looks the same as grafting knives such as grafting knife, but it is made differently. The back side of a blade is concaved  about grafting knife. As you can see from the photo, the back side of working knife is flat.

This technique is mainly used for Japanese knives such as sashimi knives and deba knives.

Deva knives

(Steel material)
Blue steel is a high-grade steel that is tougher and harder than normal steel, and can be processed into thinner blades.
As a result, the blade is finished with good sharpness.

On the other hand, there is a steel called white steel .
This is used for hatchets and deba knives that cut thicker objects.
Invisible chipping causes the blade to become jagged and bite. When cutting thick or hard objects
White steel, which is slightly less hard than blue steel, is used.

Blue steel is also used for kitchen knives, but it is used for cutting soft items such as nakiri knives and sashimi knives.
Especially for sashimi, if it is chipped, the taste will be different, so blue steel that is hard to chip is used.