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How to maintenance

1)Maintenance to prevent rust

After you finish working on your bonsai or other plants or trees, wipe your tools with
Camellia oil using a lint free cloth. This will help to prevent rust.

Camellia oil is a natural product. This oil was also commonly used by Samurai to help
prevent rust and corrosion on their swords, and so has a long history of use.

Camellia oil for tools and pots 100ml / 245ml


2) How to maintenance the scissors (Knife and the other cutlery )

If your scissors (Knife and the other cutlery ) get rust or get stain by tree sap, you can easily remove the rust and the stain by using crean mate.

Crean mate large  large No.701 and small No.7011


3) How to sharpen

It is an oil stone for sharpening.
You can sharpen by applying oil to the scissors or this whetstone.
It can be used with water, but once it is dipped in oil, it cannot be used with water after that.

How to sharpen the scissors by using this products.

Oil stone No.SP1000