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Tree Sealer " Cut-Paste" Large 500g

900 g (*Includes packing materials.) Check Shipping Methods and Delivery Charges
2,000 YEN ( Approx 12.51 USD)

A cut-covering coating material specifically for trees that has long been used by bonsai craftsmen and gardeners.
When applied to cuts on branches and trunks, it prevents the invasion of bacteria and promotes repair of damaged tissue.

1) Prevents rainwater and rot from progressing through the cut.
If the cut end after pruning is less than 2 cm, simply fill the gap with Cut Paster Hi to prevent rainwater and bacteria from entering and further decay.
*For large cuts (in the case of old wounds, please recut them), apply Cut Paster Hi, then apply paste 2mm to 3mm thick.

2) Prevents cracks and burns
Even for tree species that are slow to cover (pine beat, quince, camellia, satsuki, etc.), if you apply Cut Paster Hi and paste, you can protect the cut end for 1 to 2 years and prevent cracks and burns.

3) Restoration to the beautiful trunk before excision
The time required for complete healing varies depending on the size of the wound, but if the cut is less than 2 cm, the wound will swell and close completely in about a year, resulting in complete healing.

4) The stem will not discolor and the ointment will not flow out.
Cut Paster Hi will not melt due to watering, rainwater, or sunlight, and the stem skin will not discolor.
*Since the paste is water-soluble, do not expose it to rain or water it for 3 to 4 hours after application.

5) No matter how small the cut
It can be applied easily.
Cut Paster Hi can be easily applied to any small cut. In addition, you can choose from two patterns for pine trees and miscellaneous trees, so it won't be noticeable when applied.

No.155 is used to a pine tree ,an azalea and Chinese Junuiper.

The growth of these trees is slow.

And so No.155 has a growth hormone to heal a wound of tree faster.

On the other hand,

No.155H is used to the other trees except for a pine tree ,an azalea and Chinese Junuiper.

The growth of the other trees is fast.

And so , there is no growth hormone in No.155H.

No.155(for pine tree / azalea)
No.155H (for others)